vendredi 28 décembre 2012


I'm writting at my desk, and it starts to rain. Even better!

I decided to go down to the garden, to take a picture of a butterfly, to illustrate my blog.
I tried to but... Did U know that it's really difficult to « immortalize » a butterfly ? 
That's all I get !

Ok, the flowers are not so bad...

In french, we say « immortaliser », to mean to keep a picture who will last for ever. It contains an idea of keeping the substance of something for centuries and centuries, in an immobile way. So, a butterfly is the contrary ! A butterfly is « un papillon » in french, and we have a verbe derived from this name : « papilloner ». A girl can « papilloner » from a man to an other, it's mimetic of the speed, light moove of the butterfly, go to a flower to an other, following the breeze and desires. It have a connotation of lightless. To be light, non serious, uncapturable. Or if, means to die. So, take a cliché of a butterfly is quasi an oxymoron, antithetic concept. Cause a butterfly IS by essence incapturable in his lightness and freedom.
I always found the « chasse aux papillons » (to hunt butterfly) quite sad, the butterfly net as a synomym of death.
Like the cage, symbolize the prison, the immobility, the life  suddenly stopped.
The most important, is not be be tricken in our own prison. If we feel free in ourself, even in a cage we'll be pretty alive.  


2 commentaires:

  1. Pas mal tes photo ratées de papillons, n'est-ce pas?? Jajaja, si tu n'avais pas dit, j'aurais cru que ct concours photo.
    Trop beau le paysage devant ta fenêtre.
    Merci pour tes textes Annie!!

  2. Et pour tes dessins d'ailleurs, ça fesait long temps que j'en voyais pas un.