lundi 31 décembre 2012


I'm in a lovely café in Penestanan (Ubud, BALI) writting in front of my perfect breakfast today : avocado, naan, kidney beans, cashew nut milk cappuccino... Having exactly what I felt like having !
I wish your a very very nice year 2013. Actually, a very last day of 2012 as well.
I always take any opportunity to celebrate something as a gift  of joy and sharing, and a chance to make some commitments to myself. Exemple : each time I CHEERS (with my drink), I say : "to love ! or, to my new project ! or etc..." with a deep intention. A way to never forget my path, and to stay on the right direction.

SO : tonight, big celebration in Ubud ! I always ask for a lot of love, this particular day... I 'll see...

Bonne année


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