samedi 19 janvier 2013


      An whole day at home, RESTING. Relaxing my mind and my body, allowing myself to do it.
Sleeping, resting, writing, reading, eating good healthy food, the most as possible in my bed. What for ? To simply INTEGRATE all I have felt these last two weeks, to settle myself, to reset, to reconnect.
Welcome to my BED DAY :

This morning, I was supposed to join a yoga class, and I decided to stay at home. A huge tropical rain started and lasted the day long. So beautiful.
So, I painted on a big sheet of paper « my real life », the one that's good to me.With rainbow colors. I was so deeply focused that I didn't realize time was passing, and I was feeling as happy as I would have been, living this perfect VISION of my future.
Then, I quietly cooked a delicious meal. My computer called me to write. I think I wrote for two hours.
I had a cup of tea on my couch with my cat on my belly, reading a FANTASTIC book called The Pilgrim of Saint James of Compostelle. I felt asleep and I had a powerful dream thanks to which I understood what was going wrong with my sister. I decided to go in the garden The garden was soaked, and I kept walking a bit through the rice fields, and I arrived in front of a huge house, with big signs in front, reading : Dr ARtoPhilo. He describes himself as a philosopher, artist, healer... He has interesting ideas, I agree with some of his opinions, but I think his real name is Dr Big Ego, hehe. He compares himself to Socrates, and his theory about homosexuality made me think he was probably rejecting his own one... It was a magic discovery, anyway.
Then, passing in front of a lovely hidden swimming pool, nobody around, I took off my clothes and I jumped in this Fountain of Youth. I was rebirthing. I brought back home a piece of this gorgeous Chocolate Cashew orange raw pie from the nice Organic Restaurant next to my house, that I ate in front of a good DVD, after a hot bath with Patchouli Oil. Just perfect.
It seems my day will never end today, for the best. I feel so good, so myself, so entire, so surrounded by love. Ready to go back to civilization tonight for a Kirtan.
What a bed day today !


2 commentaires:

  1. JAjaja, incroyable, exactement la même avec le canap ici. Reposer, lire, télé, rires, larmes, sommeil, revéil et on recommence. Ça fait du bien, surtot parce que après une journée commeça, on a envie de sortir même sous la pluie!

  2. Cool, I like your bed day. I had a bed day here myself too. What is the restaurant of the Chocolate Cashew orange raw pie?