mardi 8 janvier 2013


Today, the 25th of december. God bless me.
I joined a group of 40 people for a group meditation and breathing. Everybody was so happy to share the day with others, in this special day of love, gift and sharing.
It was more than all I could expect from a Christmas day !
The house where the event took place was amazing . Imagine a tropical jungle, and a small path, which leads to a huge open wooden house, with a perspective view on the mountain and the rice fields, and a big Buddha surrounding everything. A pool surrounded the whole house, with lotus everywhere. The view took my breath ! (was breath-taking). Literally !
Then, we started the breathing session by a meditation together, and a simple exercise about non violent communication. After that, we had a long moment of ecstatic dancing, crazy and funny. And we continued by a touching, eyes closed, just moving slowly in the big room, touching everybody with the hand, the head, the breast... It was exceptionally sensual and soft. I adored  being touched by so many hands and bodies. We ended by giving a long, slow hug to each person we crossed. Amazingly nourishing and comforting. I had a feeling of universal love, incredibly moved and feeling so close to these people that I just met. It seemed to me that I was being hugged by my whole family in France, deeper than they ever did, but I was connected with them with my heart.
After that, we lay down on yoga mat and we started the breathing. This technique is softer than the « Rebirth », less speed, so the result is different. We breathe with the open mouth, deeply, slowly, regularly. With music and sounds, which resonate in our chests.

The synergy of all these deep souls, who choose to be here for Christmas, to breathe together, to play the game utterly, being in the present moment 100% for the others and for themselves. Just people who wanted to feel more alive. Isn't it beautiful ?
I had such beautiful revelations, with the clearest mind I could ever dream. I knew everything about me and my life. I connected with the purest amazing love that I could ever dream. I felt a huge affection for a lot of old friends and important people of my life, crying of gratitude to have crossed them in my path. I sent intense love vibes especially to an old friend that I don't see anymore, but whom I love deeply. I understood I had to send her my love during this precious life time that is mine. All the cells of my body were vibrant. Radiantly alive. Bless. Bliss. So happy and so much alive.
The experiment of pure love is beyond words, I realize that reading my text, which doesn't convey half of the intensity I felt.
Anyway. I just tried to share that with words... As a Christmas gift !


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