jeudi 17 janvier 2013


The books we read, the movies we watch, the people we are sharing things in our daily lifes are SO important... They influence us. In a positive or in a negative way.
I like to be friend with people who want to be happy, and who are truly happy, because they choose to be. They help me to follow my path. I don't waste  energy  anymore, on trying to confort or to convince the ones who say « happiness is just a luck, look at the poor africans ! ». I just run away ! Cause these ones spread a message of pessimism, and they will reproach you for being happy in their presence, maybe in a subtle indirect way, but they still do. Does it sound familiar to you ? Do you know some ?
It's SO good to be surrounded by people who share your vision of life. You have the choice, always and for ever ! never forget that my friends (I'd guess if you are reading that, we are !)
If necessary, make a spring housework in your friends, family and collegues... keep the right ones, your don't need to be loved by everybody. OPEN your horizon. Create your world.
I love you, am with you in your quest, we probably share the same.

ps : And trust me, it's so good to follow this way of happiness, you'll never regret it ! Neither do I !


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