vendredi 4 janvier 2013

LIKE A VIRGIN touched for the very first time....

Amour inconditionnel
It was what I was supposed to feel today : unconditional love. And I did !
So good.
The « breath work » that I joined was powerful, and brought me to a deep state of vibrations. All my body was electrified, radiantly vibrating. Such strongly than when a man touched me with his hand, it made like an electric choc between us, violent enough to move my arm as if he was touching me with a taser gun.
This one hour breathing, with didgeridoo and live instruments playing around us, laying on the floor, was a long and interesting journey. Inside of me, deeply connected with the meaning of life.

 This kind of breathing clears the mind and a lot of visions appear. I lived an Epiphany as if I was next to the Virgin Mary, in a church, in Spain. I saw the crowd from up above, as if we were going up on a kind of golden vessel to the arch of the Cathedral. Actually, visions are beyond words.
Then, I felt my mum next to me. Her love was blowing me. I was so peaceful, feeling how deeply she loved me and was taking care of me, I was leaning between her legs, on a comfortable couch, in her warm arms, protected, so close , her hands playing with my hair. We were sharing jokes about my men, sexuality, friends. I was so relaxed and glad to present her my life and what I am now, at 34 (the last time I saw her I was only eighteen). I was not pretending anything, not playing any role, just being ME. JUST BEING ME, and FEELING INCONDITIONALY BELOVED BY HER. It warmed my heart so much. Nothing to do, just feel, relax.
Mum, dear mummy, I love U. Your lips on my hair, kissing me softly, your quiet look on me, acceptance, non judgment, just letting me be what I am, knowing my potential, letting me the space to grow, to be my way.
I feel blessed to have been able to feel that, as it's the first time in my life, and even when she was alive, I didn't allow myself to feel that. PURE LOVE. Pure bliss. Pure wellness.
My body reconnected with this essential feeling of unconditional maternal love. So vital, important, necessary to feel totally alive. Because it's the source of LIFE. Everybody deserves it, and everybody can feel it. Cause it's beyond words and stories. Whatever is your family's story, abandon, hurt, sufferings, etc... Love is in the cells of our bodies, just about to be activated. It's what happened to me today, just with conscious breathing, with a fantastic group of warm hearted people, in a place safe enough to explore this sensitive and fragile treasure.
I felt shock waves, as if some cables along my body were suddenly reconnected, directly to my heart.
The meaning of life is to feel that. I was so grateful. Even if I'm irritated or angry or depressed the day or week after, for whatever reasons, I promised myself and my little big mum (in reference to Little Big Man with my favorite actor Dustin Hofmann!), to never forget she loves me and that her love is unconditional.
Thank you Virgin Mary to show up today, showing me the way ! I understood this revealing apparition, as an archetype, available in my soul memory, to help me in my seeking, because I was open and ready to that.
When 's next one ?


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