samedi 2 février 2013


Do what you want to do. If your feel bad, it's not NORMAL. I mean, it's not normal to stay sad or insecure  too long. So, ACT ! Even a micro little vhange can change EVERYTHING. 
Give a try !

You want to ask something to someone since a long time... DO IT ! Maybe a letter, an email, a phone call, a visit... If it's SO important to you, don't wait, you're waiting your energy.
Nothing's forcing you to accept something you don't like. NOTHING and NOBODY. Except yourself !
Yep, it's sometimes hard to recognize you have such a power. Easier to feel like a victim. But happier ? 
Life is made to be HAPPY. 
So let's ask what we like and life will arrange that (quite well) !


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